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Remote monitoring of pumping stations using the PumpRemoter App

In the past, remote monitoring of single or multiple pumping stations was only possible at considerable cost and involved the acquisition of expensive infrastructure, hardware and software. With the PumpRemoter app provided by Jung Pumpen, remote monitoring is now possible worldwide, 24 hours a day. The status of pumps can be checked and fault messages can be received via iPhone, iPad or iPod at specific times or locations.

Using this app, sewage treatment plant operators and property managers have constant access to the status data of their pumping or lifting stations. A map view allows the user to monitor all of the pumping and lifting stations under his control and to check the detailed information for each station by simply tapping on it. A graphical display shows all the important parameters at a glance. These include the current water level, shown as an animated display, the present pump current of the installed pumps, the total number of operating hours, the switching cycles of the pumps and the state of charge of the rechargeable battery. If faults arise, immediate notification is sent to the user’s smartphone or PC as a text message or via email.

With this app, operators of wastewater systems can monitor even small systems individually and thus avoid unnecessary inspection trips.

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