The new Springer Quartier in Hamburg

MultiDrain UV 600 submersible pumps dispose wastewater from great depths

Sewage lifting station compli 1000 pumps wastewater up to 17 m high

Wastewater disposal in the new Springer Quartier in Hamburg

MultiDrain pumps dispose wastewater from great depth

The Springer high-rise, a historic building, was renovated and is now part of the Springer Quartier in the middle of Hamburg's city centre. Under the newly created building complex there are several basement floors from which both rainwater and faecal wastewater from great depths must be disposed of. Pumps and lifting stations from Pentair Jung Pumpen are used here.

The Springer high-rise building, now once again the headquarters of the Bildzeitung newspaper in Hamburg, was renovated by the MOMENI Group and integrated into the new Springer Quartier together with the adjacent new building. Offices are located on the 14 floors of the modernized high-rise building, as well as on the upper floors of the new building. In the latter, 53 new flats have also been created. On the ground floor there are shops and restaurants, and an underground car park on the basement floors.

Drainage of underground car park, lift shafts and toilet facilities

For the drainage of the multi-storey underground car park as well as the toilet facilities located in the stairways leading to the basements, high-performance pumps and lifting systems were required. The same applies to the fire brigade lifts, which reach down to the lower floors. Due to the high delivery heads of up to 20 m, the pump technology used here must meet special requirements.

MultiDrain submersible pumps for wastewater from great depths

The planners chose MultiDrain UV 600 submersible pumps from Westphalian pump manufacturer Jung Pumpen for the disposal of rainwater in the underground car park and lift shafts.

The floodable pumps were especially developed for applications with high delivery heads. All kind of drainage with solids up to 10 mm can be disposed from great depths. The pressure pipe can be connected either to the vertical or to the horizontal discharge. The horizontal connection allows installation with a guide rail system (GR 50), which makes maintenance easy. Thanks to the motor jacket cooling, an emerged continuous operation (S1) is possible. A total of seven MultiDrain pump stations are installed, which are connected to the matching HighLogo microprocessor controls.

Compli lifting units for sewage from great depths

In the toilet facilities, which are located in the staircases of the underground car park, faecal wastewater is accumulated at a depth of 15 m and has to be pumped into the public sewer. This is reliably handled by three powerful compli lifting systems. The proven systems are designed for use in commercial buildings and their motor power can be adapted to the respective requirements. This enables them to pump wastewater effortlessly even from great depths. The floodable systems can be used in rooms at risk of flooding. The tanks made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) have freely accessible drains, a cleaning opening at the top and a clamp-type inlet flange for an easy installation. Due to their numerous connection options, the systems can be optimally adapted to their location.

The vortex impeller pumps with 70 mm free passage ensure a high degree of operational safety. The compli 1000 has two pumps on one tank, which switch alternately or, if required, work with both pumps to take up peak load or reserve operation. In this specific case, two dual systems (compli 1035/2 BW and compli 1025/4 BW) and one single system (compli 535/2 BW) were installed.

Kunz & Petersen from Hamburg took over the installation and commissioning of the selected products. A complete package of high quality and coordinated components now ensures trouble-free and reliable wastewater disposal.