[Translate to English:] Wegweiser Städisches Klinikum Gütersloh

[Translate to English:] Medizinische Rundum-Versorgung für die Bürger von Gütersloh und Umgebung bietet das Städtische Klinikum.

[Translate to English:] Luftbild Städtisches Klinikum Gütersloh

[Translate to English:] Der bisherige Gebäudekomplex wird ab 2007 um das neue "Bettenhaus Süd" mit knapp 130 Betten und einer eigenen Großküche erweitert.

Gütersloh Municipal Hospital

Gütersloh Municipal Hospital - All-round care and modern hospital organisation

With a total of 12 specialist departments and ultra-modern medical equipment, the Gütersloh Municipal Hospital takes care of all the diagnostic and therapeutic needs of patients in the region. A new building, which joins directly to the existing building and will be completed at the beginning of 2007, will house the new "Southern Ward".
The new complex, with a capital expenditure of around 21 million Euros, provides over 9,000 square metres of floor space and will accommodate 126 beds on 3 floors. A canteen kitchen is to be established on the ground floor, where up to 1,500 meals can be prepared daily.

In the summer of 2006, the wastewater disposal facilities for the entire building complex were installed. In total, four Jung Pumpen sewage pumping units (compli 1225/4 BW and compli 1215/4 BW), acting as so-called double pumping stations, ensure the reliable disposal of the sewage. Double pumping stations have two pumps on the PE collection tank that operate alternately, or - if necessary - both together to cover any peak loads or reserve operation. The automatic switching sequence increases their reliability, particularly for use in business or public buildings.

For the disposal of wastewater from the appliances in the canteen kitchen, the pumping units are backed up by two sewage pumps of the US 73 E series. Wastewater containing fibrous material, for example from dishwashers or washing machines, as well as hot water, can be disposed of using the US 73. The pumps are suitable for both fixed or transportable use.