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[Translate to English:] Ein natürlich anmutender Wasserfall sorgt im Bärengehege des Tierparks Hagenbeck für das richtige "Ambiente". Mit dabei: die MultiStream-Abwasserpumpe UAK 25/4 C1 von Jung Pumpen.

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Jung Pumpen at Hagenbeck Zoo

For clean water in the bear enclosure - Jung Pumpen at Hagenbeck Zoo

The first entry in the chronicle of Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg is dated 1848, when the fishmonger Gottfried Clas Carl Hagenbeck put six seals on display in the middle of Hamburg's St. Pauli district. 18 years later, in 1866, his eldest son officially opened the first "Hagenbeck's Thierpark" (Hagenbeck's Zoo) and in doing so laid the foundations for one of Europe's most attractive zoo parks. The visitor can expect to see a unique mix of animals and cultural features. The beautifully landscaped bear enclosure remains one of the crowd pullers amongst the 2500 exotic animals. It is now five times larger than before as a result of extensive refurbishment works.

A male Kodiak bear currently inhabits an area measuring approximately 860 square metres. He is awaiting the arrival of his two new female cohabitants, who are due to move into their new home here in the autumn. At the heart of the enclosure is a realistic waterfall supplying fresh water to ensure that the animals keep cool even in hot summer temperatures. The continuous removal of wastewater from the waterfall basin is guaranteed by a UAK 25/4 C1 pump manufactured by Jung Pumpen. This MultiStream sewage pump is especially suitable for municipal and industrial wastewater drainage applications.

The adjustable axial gap of the single channel impeller pump makes it possible to optimise the efficiency of the pump by adjusting a single screw, should wear and tear make this necessary. This can be achieved on site during servicing at no great cost - the optimal long-term performance of the pump is therefore maintained.

MultiStream sewage pumps provide a valuable service where wastewater contains fibrous matter or solids, and for combined wastewater, raw sewage, raw sludge and rainwater - and therefore ensure the comfort of "Bruin the Bear".