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Jung Pumpen on the house boat

The new way to live - Jung Pumpen on the house boat "Living on water 1"

Boat or house? - This question comes to mind when you see Living on water GmbH & Co KG's latest project. Architects, ship builders, engineers and the Gebr. Friedrich shipyard, responsible for the final assembly in Kiel, have joined forces under this name to develop and establish a new - by German standards - style of living: the "eco-intelligent floating house". The concept design was completed before the one-year design period expired and because more than 100 prospective buyers had expressed an interest in the floating villa at that time, works started on the construction of the prototype in the early summer. It was launched on 26 November 2005.

The floating area of the newly developed house boat is made of durable shipbuilding steel and has a so-called transverse structural bulkhead, as required by Germanischer Lloyd: if a ship rams into the house head-on, it must still be able to float. A new type of neoprene coating makes the parts of the house that lie below the waterline extremely maintenance-friendly. Above the waterline, the house boat, which was designed as a low-energy house, gleams with its extravagantly glazed architectural style. With a total of three storeys - or "decks" - the structure provides its future owners with 140 square metres of living space plus a further 120 square metres on the sun decks.

The designers paid particular attention to the sanitary installations - how could the wastewater from the house boat be disposed of, and where to, when there is no "land connection" to the main sewer network? The experts from Jung Pumpen, wastewater specialists based in Steinhagen in Westfalia, Germany, were able to assist here with advice and practical help. The company has been active in Holland, the original home of the house boat, for many years and has been able to apply and adapt its engineering expertise to the special requirements of this type of living style in many comparable projects there. For example, in Utrecht an entire house boat development with approximately 350 boats has been fitted with Jung engineering systems.

Two products, amongst others, ensure the smooth operation of the foul water and wastewater disposal system in the Kiel design. The first is the Hebefix 100 H in connection with the US 73 HES - a hot-water resistant pumping station used to pump foul water, containing no solids, from the domestic area. The second is a compli 400 - serving as a sewage lifting system for the disposal of foul water that contains solids. Due to their compact dimensions and technical specifications, both products are ideally suited for use in the floating residences.