Sewage lifting stations

compli 310 E Drena-Line

Sewage lifting station

Single unit for small domestic units

  • PE-tank, capacity appr. 50 L
  • Inlet flange DN 100
  • Inlet height 180 mm
  • Hmax = 8 m
  • Qmax = 29 m3/h

The compli 310 E is the smallest sewage lifting station of our compli series. It has been designed for the disposal of sewage from housing units like basement dwellings. The compli 310 E is all-purposed, due to compact dimensions of its tank and numerous connection facilities.

The low weight and the plug with integrated control board ensures a facile installation, so that an electrician is not needed to start running the unit. The submersible unit permits a general application in rooms
which could be flooded. The connector housing with integrated control unit must be installed in rooms which are well ventilated and cannot be flooded. The powerful alternating current motor of the compli 310 E is
based on a rugged grey cast iron volute housing vat which grant a special stability and quiet running.


Animation compli 310 E - Function and maintenance

Animation compli 310 E - Function and maintenance