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Your loyalty is rewarded! Win a trip with AIDA.

Your loyalty is rewarded

Your loyalty is rewarded! When buying one of the PLUS products, as noted below, the installing company and their staff will get high-grade loyalty points to take part in our lucrative bonus promotion.

Loyalty points are included in each package of Jung Pumpen PLUS products:

• K2 PLUS: 1 point

Collect 25 PLUS points, tick a box to select your prize and send the completed card to Jung Pumpen’s Marketing Department. We will then send you your prize immediately.

All of the cards will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a cruise worth 2,500 € on the AIDA.

Promotion period:
We extended the promotion period. The offer ends now on 31 December 2018.

Only plumbing, heating and air-conditioning companies and their staff are entitled to take part.

Exclusion from participation:
We reserve the right to exclude any participants who manipulate the draw or who act in contravention of the participation terms or of the national statutory regulations. In the case of duly justified suspicion, we have the right to demand the official invoice documents.

Instant bonus product

Every sender will receive one of the following quality products with the return of a completely filled loyalty card instantly. The card has to hold 25 loyalty points.

To be available:

    • Flutbox - Flood emergency kit
    • Simer - Submersible utility pump
    • Multi EVO-A3-40 M - Fresh water pump

      What to do, if there are no loyalty points inside the package?

      Of course you can participate in our bonus promotion anyway. Simply send us a copy of your invoice. We will send you the particular number of loyalty points via mail.

      In this special case, send an email to jung.communication(at) send the copy of your invoice with the mail to:

      Jung Pumpen GmbH
      Keyword: Bonusaktion Forever Jung
      Industriestr. 4-6
      DE - 33803 Steinhagen