Sewage lifting stations

compli 400

Sewage lifting station for single dwellings

  • PE-tank capacity approx. 64 Ltr.
  • inlet flange DN 100
  • floor to centre inlet 250 (180) mm
  • Hmax = 7 m
  • Qmax = 48 m3/h

The compli 400 is the smallest of our packaged sewage disposal units. It has been specifically designed for the disposal of sewage from single dwellings. For easy access and service it is installed on the ground of a basement or in an accessible sump. The ready to connect control unit is pre-wired with the pump and the level control. An additional inlet is available for other waste water discharge points such as shower, washing machine or sink. The compli 400 consists of long lasting materials: rust-proof steel for the shaft and polyethylene for the 50-l-tank.

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How much energy is consumed by a sewage lifting station?

Flooded basement and destroyed cellar apartments are almost daily to see in newspapers or other news articles. A sewage lifting system, which reliably prevents backflow flooding from the sewer, would avoid flood damages in most of the cases.

However, many homeowners prefer to use simple backflow flaps, because they are quickly to install and they think that sewage pumps will cause supposed high energy consumption. But the latter is a prejudice that can easily be disproved.

Marc explains to his neighbors Franz in this explanatory video how a lifting system works and that this causes only very low energy costs.