Alarm systems

Alarm systems - for convenient monitoring of pumping stations

Alarm systems that detect puddles of water around washing machines, or alert you to the failure of cellar drainage pumps, should be fitted by every homeowner right from the start or added at a later date, just in case the worst comes to the worst. Jung Pumpen has alarm systems for a variety of uses.

The benefits at a glance

  • Safety (early recognition of pump failures)
  • Acoustic signal                                                                                                                     
  • Alarm can be forwarded (not on washing machine cut-off).
  • Alarm also sounds during power cut (with optional  battery).
  • Avoids damage if pump fails (when using washing machine cut-off)
  • Automatic shutdown of several washing machines possible (with AW0).
  • Notification of unwanted water levels (when washing machine is installed on ground or upper floors using a water level alarm with electrodes)
  • Various level sensors.
  • All alarm systems with potential-free contact (e.g. for external buzzers or incorporating into smart home concepts.
  • Switched power socket for washing machine cut-off.
  • Optional rechargeable battery for mains-independent alarm.