Hebefix 200

Above floor tank

The Hebefix 200 is available for bigger domestic wastewater volume and larger storage capacity. Without requiring a great deal of construction work, it disposes of domestic wastewater from laundries, storage or cellar areas.

The Hebefix 200 can be installed as a single as well as duplex system. The required components for the installation of the pump are part of the scope of supply. The duplex system provides bigger security in the disposal of wastewater. In normal operation the two pumps operate alternately or at the same time to cope with peak load. The control unit operates the duplex system depending on the type of pump (see accessories). If the system is to be operated as a single system, a pump with a built-in level control must be selected.

Depending on the type of pump used, the Hebefix 200-32 with 1¼“ or the Hebefix 200-50 with 2“ discharge branch has to be chosen. The unit is in conformity with the specification of German / European standard DIN EN 12050.

Suitable pumps:

  • U3K up to U6K
  • US 62 up to US 103
  • US 73 Ex and US 103 Ex
  • US 75 up to US 155

Suitable for: