Pressure pipe cleaning system Breeze

If wastewater remains in the pressure pipes for longer than two hours without the supply of additional oxygen, a decay process begins which can produce unpleasant odours due to the formation of hydrogen sulphide. This fact should always be taken into account when designing a wastewater disposal system! With the aid of pressure pipe cleaning systems, wastewater pipes can be cleaned and decay processes can be prevented before odours have a chance to develop.

Pump sump ventilation

A compressor feeds oxygen into the wastewater at regular intervals through a ventilation hose in order to prevent anaerobic degradation in the pump sump.  

Aeration of pressure pipe

Where pressure pipes are laid with only positive gradients, the waste-water is enriched with oxygen via a compressor system. The increased oxygen content stems the decay process. 

Pressure pipe cleaning

This process ensures that the pipes are cleaned at regular intervals with compressed air generated by a compressor. The introduction of compressed air results in:  ·  The wastewater spending less time in the pressure pipe·  Oxygen being introduced into the wastewater·  High flow velocities and there-fore a reduction in deposits in the pressure pipe