For high heads

MULTI DRAIN - Pumps with strong performance


Who has the coolest "slurry pump"?

Jung Pumpen launches custom bike competition to mark the company's 95-year anniversary


Fresh water pumps from Tuscany

Pentair Sta-Rite pumps with new website


A new star in the Pentair portfolio

Sta-Rite is the new European brand for fresh water pumps


New FLOODBOX website

Jung Pumpen offers flood protection in a compact form


Small but powerful!

HEBEFIX MINI complements the Jung Pumpen portfolio


Test the Pump

Pump test strengthens confidence in the Jung Pumpen brand


Take Jung

Pentair Jung Pumpen launches quality campaign


Above or below the floor

HEBEFIX 200 and BAUFIX 200 reliably dispose waste water


SIMER Update!

The new SIMER 5 with better performance


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