PLANCOFIX LINE: The water channels lead the shower waste water into the pump housing

The waste water is pumped via a small pump into the existing sewage pipe.

PLANCOFIX LINE in the shower area

A shower channel that pumps

PLANCOFIX LINE expands the range of floor drainage pumps

Implementing shower areas flush with the floor is often a challenge in old buildings which cannot usually be solved conventionally. Often, the waste water cannot be transported into the existing – more elevated - waste water pipe. A solution for point drainage has been on the market for several years, now the Plancofix Line can also be used to create a channel drain.

The new product Plancofix Line has integrated channels that guide the shower water into the pump housing (Fig. 1). The small and powerful pump inside conveys the shower water into the existing waste water pipe. In old buildings, this is often more elevated than the newly installed drain (Fig. 2).

Barrier-free design

The Plancofix Line is embedded in the shower floor and tiled with the floor. Due to the elegant channel solution, the inspection opening for cleaning the shower drain is hardly visible (Fig. 3). The user also does not stand on the drainage object, as it is usually installed close to the wall. The required drainage slope can be achieved without diagonal cutting of the tiles. This results in a harmonious tile appearance. With the Plancofix Line, barrier-free design requirements can also be fulfilled in old buildings.

Certified technology

With a construction height of approx. 90 mm, the Plancofix Line can be integrated into the existing floor construction and conveys the water up to a height of 1.3 m. An isolation tray and a rubber-mounted motor technology reduce the noise emission to values below 30 dB(A). The product is VDE-certified. The factory-fitted sealing fleece meets the highest achievable safety classes of DIN 18534. With the Plancofix Line, a maximum shower width of 1.20 m is possible as the rails can be individually shortened.