Mobile washing units "Hermwash" and "Eurowash" for reproduction. The back wall can be designed individually.

Mobile washing area with integrated waste water disposal (Hebefix Mini) in a classroom

Mobile washing area with integrated waste water disposal (Hebefix Mini) on a playground

Even larger washing stations can be easily constructed with lifting stations (in this case with the Hebefix Plus)

The sanitary crafts as helpers in the crisis

Pentair Jung Pumpen offers free self-construction plans for mobile washing units

In the current pandemic situation, many schools and day-care centers do not have enough hand washing facilities. Mobile washbasins are set up, but the weak point is often the sewage disposal. Pentair Jung Pumpen has developed two self-assembly kits for mobile wash places with drainage. Interested installers can copy the plans free of charge. In this way, the sanitation trade can offer its own solutions for on-site facilities. Installation is simple, the costs are low and the recipients are sure to be delighted.

Hand washing facilities urgently needed

Not only since the COVID 19 pandemic has hand hygiene been a suitable prevention against infectious diseases. Currently, however, it is in greater demand than ever before and often there is simply a lack of facilities. For example, schoolchildren stand in a long queue in front of the class's only hand basin to wash their hands before they are allowed to sit down. Suitable washing facilities are also lacking in other areas where many people gather, e.g. in marketplaces, playgrounds or supermarkets.

Where to put the wastewater?

Since this requirement cannot be met quickly by construction, mobile applications make sense. Many of the mobile washing facilities that have already been installed often have one weakness: the wastewater. The fresh water inlet is quickly connected, but how is the wastewater disposed of? Often, it is led into a water tank placed beside, which is full after just a few wash cycles and must be emptied manually. This often leads to more downtime than operation.

Build your own mobile washing facilities with integrated wastewater disposal quickly and cheaply

Interested sanitation installers can offer a quick and low-cost solution for schools, day-care centers and other local facilities with the "Hermwash" and "Eurowash" self-assembly kits for mobile washbasins. Both variants involve the installation of a small lifting unit (e.g. Hebefix Mini), which pumps the wastewater into the nearest sewer. Reproduction is simple and the required sanitary products such as lifting unit, washbasin, fittings, soap dispenser, etc. can be taken from stock. Detailed assembly instructions and assembly videos for both stations are available free of charge at