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With great shots, the pump came back to earth

Pentair Jung Pumpen celebrates 40 Years U3K…In Space

How to celebrate a 40th birthday? The Pentair Jung Pumpen U3K pump turned 40 years old in May and was sent into the earth’s stratosphere above Germany on a high-altitude weather balloon – of course, with the approval of the German Air Traffic Control.

This wasn’t a joy ride, but rather a marketing event - with a heart. This replica styrofoam pump was released approximately 25 miles (40 kilometers) above the earth and was equipped with a GPS unit, allowing the public to track it online (on computer, tablet, or smart phone) as it descended. After a flight duration of 3 hours, it landed approximately 100 km from its starting location in Steinhagen near the town of Cloppenburg. A plumber from Bielefeld/Westfalen was the first person to find the pump, and won a Pentair Jung Pumpen Floodbox (Flutbox). The local volunteer fire department who helped rescue the pump from a tree also received 10 brand new emergency pump sets as a reward. Local fire departments lend these kits to homeowners when a neighborhood is in danger of flooding – helping protect homes against expensive flood damage.

To date more than three million Jung Pumpen submersible sump pumps have been installed. Many technical and mainstream media published reports about this unique event, creating even more awareness for the Pentair brand in Germany.

Impressive videos were produced during the flight; the link here is a five minute YouTube video of the preparations, the pump’s time in space, and the retrieval as well: