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Loyalty reaps rewards

Under the heading “Forever Jung”, Jung Pumpen is starting up a lucrative bonus promotion offering free high-quality products from Pentair as a reward. In addition, each participating HVAC installation company and their employees have a chance to win a cruise on the AIDA.

The bonus promotion rewards loyal customers of Jung Pumpen for purchasing the new PLUS products. Loyalty points are included in each package of Hebefix plus, WCfix plus, Plancofix, Plancofix plus and K2 plus. The packages also contain a promotion card, which allows you to collect up to 25 points. The purchase of Hebefix plus, WCfix plus and Plancofix (plus) entitles you to four points in each case, and one loyalty point is awarded if you purchase the K2 plus. Once returned to Jung Pumpen, the completed cards will be automatically entered into a draw for a chance to win a cruise to the value of 2,500 € on the AIDA.

Free premium

Each participant who returns a completed loyalty card also receives a free premium of his/her choice. The selection of premiums comprises a FLOOD EMERGENCY KIT, a SIMER Pump or a MULTIEVO-A3-40 M Freshwater Pump. 

Interested HVAC installation companies can also go to the Jung Pumpen website: www.jung-pumpen.de/en/forever-jung to find the complete list of participation conditions and a description of the bonus promotion.

The bonus promotion starts on 1.3.2016 and ends on 30.6.2017.

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