BAUFIX 200 sump (cut) for building drainage

Installation example HEBEFIX 200 for the waste water disposal of a laundry room

Installation example BAUFIX 200 for the waste water disposal of a public shower area

Above or below the floor

HEBEFIX 200 and BAUFIX 200 reliably dispose waste water

Large quantities of waste water are generated in apartment buildings and commercial plants. If the drainage objects are below the back pressure level, which is usually the street level, the water must be pumped into the sewer. Two new Jung Pumpen plastic sumps - Baufix 200 and Hebefix 200 - equipped with the necessary pumps, are suitable for a large part of the possible drainage cases.

Water is produced in cellars, laundry rooms or underground carparks in a wide variety of ways. Whether from washbasins, washing machines or through penetrating rainwater, the water must be pumped back into the public sewer system to prevent backwater. For this purpose Pentair Jung Pumpen has developed two pressure-stable plastic sumps, which collect the waste water and can be installed both above and below ground. Depending on the amount of waste water and the height to be pumped, a wide variety of pumps from the manufacturer's portfolio can be installed as single or double installations in the tanks.

Hebefix 200- The one above

The HEBEFIX 200 above floor tank is normally used when drainage objects, such as washing machines, are installed at a later date. The waste water can then usually be disposed to the tank at a free gradient. The pressure-stable sump with a storage volume of 240 l has different inlets and can therefore be flexibly connected. 

Baufix 200- The underfloor version

An almost invisible installation is made possible by the BAUFIX 200 underfloor sump, which guarantees a clean and odorless waste water disposal. It can be installed in concrete floor without formwork and also has a 240 l storage volume. A sealing collar provides the connection to the thin-bed sealing provided by the customer. The infinitely rotatable and height-adjustable cover compensates for the floor and screed coverings applied later. Thanks to the sturdy tank construction and a groundwater seal (accessory), an installation in the groundwater area is possible.

Depending on requirements, 13 different types of Jung Pumpen pumps from the U- and US-series can be used in both tanks. 


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