The end customer can request a pump and test it free of charge

TEST THE PUMP campaign by Pentair Jung Pumpen

Test the Pump

Pump test strengthens confidence in the Jung Pumpen brand

Pentair Jung Pumpen with its current quality offensive - WARRANTY EXTENSION FOR 5 YEARS - clearly relies on its trade partners and supports their sales with a quality promise for the Jung Pumpen product portfolio. To ensure that the user - should he or she not have had any contact with the Jung Pumpen brand yet - is also convinced of the quality, the "Test the Pump" offer is now being placed by the manufacturer.

Quality makes the difference

Since a drainage pump is often used for the drainage of a basement apartment, an underground car park or for a building drainage system, the failure of this product can result in immense damage to the property or inventory. Thus, the quality, durability and reliability of a drainage pump are of great importance. "I would not secure my personal home, for which I have paid in the long term, by a cheap DIY pump," says Dr. Andreas Kämpf, Marketing Manager at Jung Pumpen. "Here, quality really pays off."

Test it for free!

Life teaches us that quality has its price. In order to further increase confidence in the Jung Pumpen brand on the market, the manufacturer is now offering a free pump test.

For end consumers who want to convince themselves of the quality of Jung Pumpen products, the company offers a special service on the newly established web page "".  Everyone interested can order a U5K drainage pump with a fire hose free of charge under the category "Test the Pump" and test it. Be it the emptying of a sump, a swimming pool, a pond or any other waste water disposal. Jung Pumpen also organizes the return transport - at no cost to the customer.

As a small compensation for the effort, the user agrees to send a photo of his pump application, which is displayed on an interactive Google Maps map on the new website. This means that a pump goes on tour, which is challenged by any users with different applications. Jung Pumpen is curious to see what the pump will experience on the road.

If the manufacturer receives a lot of enquiries at the same time, the interested parties will be considered according to a waiting list. Jung Pumpen emphasises the fact that this action is only carried out with one single pump. This underlines that the very same Jung U5K pump can withstand permanent use in a wide variety of applications over a long period of time without damage. This contributes to the quality account ", says Andreas Kämpf.


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