The small alternative for big tasks - HEBEFIX MINI

HEBEFIX MINI fits in any vanity unit - here for draining a washbasin and shower

HEBEFIX MINI in conjunction with PLANCOFIX PLUS for draining a shower in the basement

Small but powerful!

HEBEFIX MINI complements the Jung Pumpen portfolio

The new HEBEFIX MINI small lifting station is only as big as a shoe box and thus the smallest unit in the Hebefix family. It is used wherever space is limited and no direct wastewater disposal is possible. The lifting unit disposes of waste water from showers, washbasins and bidets as well as condensation water from refrigeration and air conditioning units.

Three inlet options (2 x DN 50, 1 x DN 40) and a pressure outlet in DN25/DN32 make it a flexible device. The HEBEFIX MINI can be installed quickly and easily and finds its place even in very limited space conditions, e.g. in a vanity cabinet or next to a shower.

It has a pressure-tight container, an integrated swing-type check valve and all the necessary devices for stable floor or wall mounting. An alarm transmitter with reed contact can be retrofitted from the Jung Pumpen range. An extremely quiet motor conveys the sewage or condensation water to a maximum height of 5.3 m and reaches a maximum of 4.3 m3/h (at 1 m head).

The HEBEFIX MINI can also be used to drain commercial systems. The small lifting station is used for the disposal of condensation water from refrigerated counters or air conditioning systems. Hot water up to 55° C can also be pumped.

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