New FLOODBOX website provides detailed information

New FLOODBOX website

Jung Pumpen offers flood protection in a compact form

The first aid kit for floods contains all essential components to avoid major damage in basements during flooding. Although often copied, the Jung Pumpen FLOODBOX stands for quality and reliability like no other. A completely revised website at summarizes all important information about the first aid box.

Torrential rainfall, burst water pipes or a defective washing machine are unexpected events that flood the cellar in a few minutes and can cause immense damage. Happy are those, who can call a FLOODBOX their own in such cases. The robust plastic box contains a powerful submersible drainage pump U5K with a 12.5 m long fire hose. The pump is ready for use in a few minutes and immediately pumps the water out of the basement. This avoids major damage to sensitive cellar inventory.

Everything that is important -

In addition to product information, the new website also contains videos and animations that illustrate the area of application of the FLOODBOX. The box is not only a very useful tool in the event of a disaster, but also for other applications, such as emptying a private pool or garden pond.

Meanwhile, the FLOODBOX has become an integral part of many households, in service vehicles of HVAC tradesmen or often also of fire brigade equipment. Diverse media (TV, radio, press) have reported on the product and also insurance companies recommend it to their members.

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