The optimised Compli 400 sewage lifting station in a new design.

Compli 400: The new hydraulics, flanked by stable cast rings, provide better performance with high stability and smooth running.

Compli 400: With the emergency disposal connection, available as an accessory, the tank can be emptied by means of a wet vacuum cleaner or hand diaphragm pump if necessary.

Compli 400: The variably height-adjustable clamping flange facilitates the connection of the existing inlet pipe.

A new generation of Compli Sewage Lifting Stations

Pentair Jung Pumpen sets new quality standards

For decades, sewage lifting stations from Pentair Jung Pumpen have been the first choice when it comes to the reliable disposal of wastewater. The Compli 400 for drainage and backflow protection for single-family homes, as well as the Compli 1000 duplex system for larger or commercial properties, will appear in a new design and with improved product features from January 2022. Significant simplifications in installation, further optimised hydraulics, new useful accessories and an update of the control technology set new quality standards.

Installation - much simpler and more flexible
A variable-height clamping flange for the inlet opening enables individual adaptation, depending on the conditions on site. This also makes it quick and easy to replace units of other brands.

A total of four combination inlets (horizontal and vertical) in DN50/DN100 make it easy to connect drainage objects. The pressure outlet is variable and can be either DN80 or DN100. Important: The positions of the connections for inlet, pressure outlet and ventilation have not been changed and are identical to the previous model. This allows a quick and easy exchange. The non-return flap is rotatable and can be fixed on site, providing optimal access for cleaning the flap.

New in the accessories is an emergency disposal connection with gate valve and hose connection (1", 1¼",1½").

Improved hydraulics and optimised control
A hydraulic section integrated into the plastic tank with two additional cast rings ensures stability, a lower weight and optimised flow behaviour. The new hydraulics further reduce the risk of potential blockages. Very smooth inner surfaces prevent adhesion of solids and thus ensure easy cleaning. The recyclable and robust plastic tank offers no potential for corrosion. An increased pump volume results in fewer pump cycles and thus less noise in the building and a longer service life of the system.

The optimised control system is included in the scope of supply and is pre-assembled ready to plug in. It displays maintenance intervals, has a connection for an additional high-water alarm and enables integration into a Smart Home concept.

Much easier to maintain
The Compli 1000 lifting station, which reliably disposes of wastewater in apartment buildings or commercial properties, has also received significant improvements as a result of the update. For example, the impellers of the pumps are now all screwed on, which makes them easy to dismantle for maintenance. The large maintenance opening allows easy access to the inside of the system.

New non-return valve
The newly developed non-return valve made of high-strength plastic can be easily accessed for maintenance purposes without having to dismantle the pump.

New with HighLogo control
The versions with HighLogo microprocessor controls offer special comfort, because especially in double systems, the focus is on even more safety. The many different functions can be selected via the intuitively operated rotary knob and shown on the large illuminated display.