MULTI DRAIN pump UV 300 with vertical pressure outlet; MULTI DRAIN pump UV 600 with horizontal and vertical pressure pipe connection

For high heads

MULTI DRAIN - Pumps with strong performance

Cellars with several floors or underground garages are the preferred areas of application for the new Multi Drain UV300 and UV600 sewage pumps. The new pump series from Pentair Jung Pumpen is characterised by its large delivery head and variable installation options with emerged operation.

The Multi Drain series are submersible drainage pumps designed for faecal-free wastewater with solids up to 10 mm. They are ideal for removing rising groundwater from deep pits or pumping rainwater, collected in sumps, into subsequent structures. The Multi Drain pumps are a perfect solution e.g. for shopping centres, high-rise buildings, underground railway stations or other buildings with deep basements due to their high pump volume and high delivery head.

Two series, one concept

Both series UV300 and UV600 dispose all kinds of drainage or greywater with a free passage of 10 mm. A double mechanical seal, a replaceable moisture sealed cable inlet and an automatic self-ventilation ensure reliable operation and a long service life. Due to the motor cooling, the pumps can also be operated permanently submerged.

The pressure pipe of the Multi Drain UV 600 can be connected either to the horizontal or to the vertical discharge port (2" IG). Horizontal installation is generally suitable for fixed installations, e.g. in connection with a GR 50 guide rail system. Vertical installation is recommended in portable areas or narrow shafts.

The Multi Drain series UV 300 has a vertical discharge port (1 ½ " IG) and is therefore particularly suitable for portable use.

Three sizes each cover the pump characteristics of the UV 300 and UV 600. The maximum head is 26 m, the maximum volume flow 40 m3/h. The pumps are available with or without float switch. The UV300 series is available in alternating and three-phase current, as is the smallest model in the UV600 series, the UV620.