Here, the contour of the U3KS drainage pump was traced in Gütersloh, Germany

Three Flood Emergency Kits are waiting for the winners

Take part and win in the Product Running Competition

Who runs or cycles the most beautiful Jung Pumpen product?

This new competition from Jung Pumpen rewards the three most creative sportspeople with a flood box. The task is to use a map app to record the distance travelled while running or cycling the contours of a Jung Pumpen product as realistically as possible. All submitted results will be posted on Facebook, the best three will be awarded by a jury on 31 July 2021.

Sporting activity is a meaningful activity in times of closed sports facilities. To add a creative touch to running or biking, "figure running" is a new trend. The idea is to leave figures on a digital map with the path you have covered.

Research, move, win

Pentair Jung Pumpen is calling on anyone interested to run or cycle the contour of a Jung Pumpen product. Many running apps or navigation apps offer the possibility to record the path covered. The result shows geometric figures on the map that the users have cycled, walked or run.

This is how it works:

The participants of the competition choose a suitable product on the company website Then they look for paths on a map whose overall course comes as close as possible to the contour of the chosen product. The task now is to follow this route on foot or by bicycle.

Once the route has been recorded with any navigation app, a screenshot is taken and the result is sent to the e-mail address The picture will be shared on the company's Facebook page.

On 31 July 2021, a jury will vote on the best three results and award them with a Flood Emergency Kit consisting of a carrying cage, powerful pump and fire hose. So - it's worth taking part!