The new drainage pumps of the U3 series

U3 application in basement drainage

The flushing devices for sump cleaning and self-ventilation can be opened or closed without tools

New: EasyFix 32 Duo installation set

After 5 product registrations, a Sound Pump is sent to the professional installer.

New U3 Drainage Pump – better than ever

The Classic from Jung Pumpen in the Seventh Generation

For almost 50 years, the U3 drainage pump represents reliable wastewater disposal.  The latest revision, the seventh generation of the U3 series, provides improvements that further facilitate handling and increase reliability. The new U3 is available now.

The U3 is available in two different versions: The yellow U3 covers “normal” applications of wastewater disposal, such as the drainage of washbasins, washing machines, showers, or rainwater. It might be installed in sumps to keep the basement dry or used to empty ponds or pools. The green "U3 special" is used for aggressive media, such as condensate from heating systems or regeneration water from water softeners.

U3 the Classic - better than ever

  • Improved efficiency
    The hydraulic efficiency has been improved by 10%. Also the starting torque is slightly higher and ensures a reliable start of the pump.
  • Self-ventilation can be activated without tools
    Wastewater pumps which are permanently installed in sumps can "fall dry". This situation might result in an air cushion in the pump hydraulic, which prevents the pump from starting. The ventilation hole in the connection elbow of the pump can now be opened by a plug. This ensures a proper pump start at any time.
  • Flushing device keeps the sump clean
    To avoid sump contamination and resulting odour problems, up to three flushing holes can be opened at the bottom of the U3 - without using any tools. During pump operation, water jets coming out of each hole cause turbulences and ensure, that solids are being pumped away instead of remaining on the ground.
  • Improved motor cooling
    The motor cooling has also been optimized. This optimization ensures, that the pump can discharge 35 °C hot water in continuous operation and 60 °C hot water up to 10 minutes. This scenario can occur, when the U3 is dewatering a washing machine.
  • New accessories: EasyFix 32 installation sets ready-to-use
    EasyFix 32 are ready-to-use installation sets including a guide rail system that enables quick and easy installation of pump stations in a sump. The "EasyFix 32 Single" is designed for the installation of one pump, the "EasyFix 32 Duo" for a duplex pump station. It includes a control that starts the pumps alternately and provides an alarm function.

5-year warranty and a "Sound Pump" Bluetooth speaker for free

As before, the yellow and black products such as U3/5/6K as well as Compli lifting stations can be registered by installers at In return, the installer will be rewarded with a 5-year warranty on the product. From 2022, every fifth registered product will be also rewarded with a limited Sound Pump. This special pump can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and brings music to the construction site or office.

  • New exclusive U3 website

The new website explains all new features of the pumps in detail, gives installers a platform for their feedback and describes how to get the Sound Pump.