The new optimized cutting system of the MultiCut pump

A pumping station in a pressure drainage system

Optimized cutting system for MultiCut wastewater pumps

200,000 cuts per minute leave no chance for wet wipes

For more than 35 years, MultiCut wastewater pumps from Pentair Jung Pumpen have proven their worth with their cutting system. Installed in pumping stations, they pump wastewater to the sewer and are an integral part of domestic and municipal wastewater disposal. Due to the increasing number of wet wipes and other hygiene products, the composition of wastewater has changed, leading to more and more frequent pump blockages. Jung Pumpen is meeting this challenge with a new cutting system.

Wastewater in change

Due to the increasing number of wet wipes and other hygiene products in wastewater, pumps are clogging more and more frequently. In addition, the trend towards water conservation has led to a significant increase in the solid content of wastewater. Jung Pumpen meets this challenge with a new, improved cutting system.

A new cutting system with bite

The existing cutting system, which had already been the benchmark for modern sewage pumps with cutting systems in recent years, was extensively analysed and tested. The result was a much more effective cutting geometry which enabled the number of cuts per minute to be increased from approx. 70,000 to 200,000.

Easy replacement and maintenance

The optimized cutting system is still located outside the pump hydraulics and ensures that only cut-up solids enter the pump interior. In future, a pull-off tool will make it easy to pull the cutting rotor off the pump shaft in order to replace the cutting plate and rotor if necessary or to readjust the cutting gap. In existing MultiCut systems, the old cutting system (spare part) can be replaced with the new one in a few simple steps.

Practical test with municipal users successfully completed

Before the market launch, the new cutting system was tested in particularly susceptible wastewater areas over a period of two years. Niels Großkreutz, wastewater master at Hamburg Wasser, is enthusiastic: "We have a total of 900 pressure drainage systems from Jung Pumpen in use in the AZV Altes Land and Geestrand area. Due to incorrect discharges, especially from wet wipes, one double pumping station in particular, to which 13 residential units were connected, caused us permanent trouble. Blocked impellers required cost-intensive dismantling of the pumps almost every week. Jung Pumpen gave us the chance to test the new cutting system before it was introduced to the market. It has now been installed in the dual pump station for nine months and since then we have not had a single malfunction. Based on the good experience, we will also gradually convert the stock of pressure drainage systems to the new cutter wheel."

A total of 10 municipalities have already been able to convince themselves of the high efficiency and effectiveness of the optimized cutting system. A YouTube video shows how efficiently it works. 

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