Recall ball immersion switch

We demand the highest standards of quality and safety in the production of our products. Unfortunately, some of the ball immersion switches supplied by us have faulty product markings on the switch.

Only ball immersion switches produced between 1 May 2014 and 31 January 2017 are affected. The sensors of this series are marked with protection class I (230 V) although they are designed and operated in protection class III (12 V DC). This does not lead to any problems and dangers in normal use and professional installation!

However, if the device is dismantled and the immersion ball switch is used for other applications - which are operated with a 230 V power supply - this can lead to life-threatening dangers.



Is your product affected?

Article numbers:

JP44891 E-Accessories Alarm Sensor AG3
JP44892 E-Accessories Alarm Sensor AG10
JP44895 E-Accessories Washing machine stop AW3
JP72818 E-Accessories Washing machine stop AW10

Serial numbers: 14 05 0001 to 17 01 9999


Where is the marking located?

You find out whether your ball-switch is affected by checking the backside of the product. There you will find the product name and serial number.

What to do if your product is affected?

If you have one of these switches installed, please contact us immediately. Please dial the following phone number or send us an e-mail with the subject "Recall submersible ball contact switch".

Phone number +49 5204 17 111
E-mail: kd(at)

After your feedback, you will of course receive a FREE replacement including all necessary assembly work.


1) Is there a danger if the ball switch is properly installed and used in the application intended by Jung Pumpen?
No, in normal use it does not cause any problems or dangers.

2) I have an older or newer version of the ball switch installed. Do I have to return or apply for it?
No, there is no need to take any action in the case of products manufactured earlier or later.

3) What should I do if I can't see or decipher the article and/or serial number on the alarm device?
In this case, please contact our customer service directly on +49 5204 17 111.