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Jung Pumpen has been producing and delivering since 1924 the most reliable and sophisticated wastewater products on market for residential and municipal application. Made in Germany


  • Quality campaign - Hauptsache JUNG

    Quality campaign - Hauptsache JUNG

    From now on every plumbing company receives a guarantee of 5 years for the purchase of all yellow waste water pumps or products of our compli series 100 - 1000, and it's as simple as that.



  • Free of charge pump test

    Free of charge pump test

    Every consumer who always wanted to use a pump to empty a shaft, a swimming pool or a pond can now get a FREE OF CHARGE pump from us and test it without obligation.


  • Trade fair IFAT 2018

    Trade fair IFAT 2018

    Visit us from 14 to 18 May in Munich at world´s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

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  • Your loyalty is rewarded

    Your loyalty is rewarded

    Collect loyalty points within buying one of our PLUS products and win a cruise worth 2,500 € on the AIDA.


  • Wet wipes don´t belong down the toilet

    Wet wipes don´t belong down the toilet

    Wet wipes flushed down the drains are often the cause of a major blockage in pumping stations. Why it is so, shows this explanatory video.

    Explanatory video