Barrier-free showers

Plancofix plus

The extremely flat floor drainage pump

  • Installation depth 8 cm (incl. insulation tray 9 cm)
  • Optimized noise compensation with insulation tray (< 30 dB)
  • For showers up to 25 l/min
  • Pressure outlet 1 inch
  • Drain can be tiled or in stainless steel
  • For accessible walk-in showers

The Plancofix plus needs even less depth for installation. Why is this “less” a “plus”? Where the floor construction height is restricted, every centimetre saved may be crucial. The Plancofix plus needs a depth of only 8 cm, saving 3 cm compared to the Plancofix. If used with the supplied insulating tray, then 9 cm are needed.

The saving of the installation depth is due to the use of a slightly smaller but still powerful synchronous motor with blockage-free hydraulics.

Additionally the Plancofix plus convince by its extremely quiet operation. The noise level is below 30 d(B)A, making it hard to discern.

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Bathroom renovation - Which problem mostly occur?

  • Does your shower exude not only water but a certain early eighties “charm”?
  • Does it deserve a little revitalisation?
  • Or has your home situation changed and you would now like to install an additional shower in the loft or basement?
  • Do you dream of a stylish, modern, barrier-free shower with trouble-free access?

The PLANCOFIX could be the problem solver. Installation of a barrier-free shower in an old bathroom with shower tray. "Not in an old building”, says your installation company. “With such a low floor construction height, the wastewater from floor-level showers can’t flow downhill to join the next wastewater discharge pipe.” True - but not quite.

Because the floor drainage pumps, Plancofix and Plancofix plus, can tackle this problem precisely.

The problem with lack of slope and the possibility of solving it with the Plancofix, we have presented in the illustration shown above. To zoom it please click on the image.

Installation video of Plancofix plus

Installation video of Plancofix plus

Explanatory video - Anna´s barrier-free shower

Explanatory video of Plancofix