Control Units


Microprocessor control unit for switching one or two direct starting pumps on and off, depending on the level, either with or without explosion protection.

All information and alarm messages are shown on the large graphic display which, in conjunction with the multifunction button, allows the control unit to adapt intuitively and flexibly to local conditions and requirements.

Settings are protected with a freely selectable password to prevent misuse. An initial commissioning menu enables a fast installation. With just a few settings, the system covers more than 90% of all installation conditions.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Intuitive use
  • Large backlit clear text display
  • Initial commissioning menu
  • Connection options for a range of different level sensors
  • Compact design
  • Multilanguage
  • ATEX-compliant with electromechanical motor protection

For use specifically with pressure drainage systems, HIGHLOGO ... LC control units are equipped with a static pressure module and dry run protection as standard. The two pressure switches used for this purpose, with air hoses and open bells ending in the sump, have proved themselves in ground drainage for decades now, and the two-circuit system supplied as standard provides additional reassurance. The separate submersible ball contact switch also meets the requirements of the ATEX directive on explosion protection.

Smarthome Infrastructure:

A collective error message and a high-water alarm can be transmitted potential-free, such as by the FTJP radio transmitter, which enables the system to be linked to a smart home infrastructure. It is also possible, however, to link it to a warning light or buzzer (230V) with a powered connection.