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Washing protects - Mobile lifting stations

Not only since the Covid 19 pandemic have hygienic measures been a suitable prevention against infectious diseases. Mobile washing facilities are therefore increasingly being used outdoors or where large numbers of people meet, such as in schools, marketplaces or supermarkets.

What to do with the sewage?
The degrees of freedom to use a mobile water application outdoors usually limits the distance to the nearest wastewater drain point. It does not matter whether dirty water from washbasins or showers or wastewater from toilets has to be disposed of. Jung Pumpen waste water pumps and lifting stations allow flexible positioning of the „water station“. The dirty water can not only be pumped upwards (trip hazard sewer pipe) but also over long distances into the nearest sewerage system.

Spoil for choice
The selection of the right lifting station depends on various criteria. Firstly, the type of waste water determines whether a sewage lifting station with or without faeces is used. If toilets are connected, the compli or WC fix series is the best choice. In all other cases the Hebefix series or, if a tank is available, a Jung Pumpen waste water pump can be used. Secondly, the amount of waste water and the available space determine the lifting station of choice.

Mobile applications

Mobile wash basins
Wash basins where the natural slope is not sufficient to dispose of the dirty water can be fitted with a space-saving Hebefix mini or Hebefix plus. These allow the dirty water to be pumped until 40 metres away.

Mobile shower
Here too, the Hebefix series is the first choice for pumping wastewater into a remote sewer system.

Summer houses, houseboats, toilet cars, garden or party toilets
Here the WCfix is used for private installations. If the toilet is used by several people, the Compli Multicut series is the first choice, as here a cutting wheel allows the use of very small pressure pipes (from DN40).

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Building Instructions

Mobile washbasin variants

The two construction kits type "HERMWASH" and type "EUROWASH, which were conceived in cooperation with the carpentry Hermbecker in Steinhagen, score not only fast and inexpensive in the implementation of additional washing possibilities. Especially by the integration of a small waste water lifting unit they are free in positioning and do not require emptying intervals of heavy canisters. Disposal can be done via a longer hose line at ceiling height.

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Installation video HERMWASH

Installation video EUROWASH