Sewage lifting stations

VACUBOX Drena-Line

Sewage lifting station

Technical features:

  • Variable installation depth
  • Installation above floor and under floor
  • Floor drain with odour trap
  • Compact dimensions

VACUBOX 200 is for bigger domestic wastewater volume and larger storage capacity. Without requiring a great deal of construction work, it disposes of domestic wastewater from laundries, storage or cellar areas.

VACUBOX 200 can be installed as a single as well as a duplex system. The required components for the installation of the pumps are part of the scope of supply. The duplex system provides bigger security in the disposal of wastewater. In normal operation the two pumps operate alternately or at the same time to cope with peak load.

The pump to be placed can be selected according to the amount of wastewater, the type of dirty water and the pumping power required. By adjusting the plastic cover frame, the sump cover can be adapted easily and variably to the floor and tile conditions. The unit is compliant with EN 12050 standard.

Construction features:

Water-tight PE tank (240 l) with connecting pieces for two inlets DN 100/150 and one DN 100, connecting piece for ventilation/cable conduit DN 70 and PVC 2” outlet. VACUBOX 200-50 as underfloor version is equipped with adjustable cover frame with siphon. The above floor version is equipped with odour-tight plastic cover (screwed fitted). All junctions (tank/plastic cover frame/ cover plate) are fitted with profiled seals.

Pumps used with VACUBOX:

  • PRIOX 350/8, PRIOX 350/8 AUT, PRIOX 350/8 T,
  • PRIOX 450/9, PRIOX 450/9 AUT,
  • PRIOX 500/11, PRIOX 500/11 AUT, PRIOX 500/11 T,
  • PRIOX 600/13 T,
  • PRIOX 800/18 T