Sewage lifting stations

WCfix plus

Sewage lifting station for limited application

For the connection of

  • toilet
  • washbasin
  • shower
  • bidet

The WCfix plus can be fitted in a pre-wall system or connected directly to a floor-standing toilet with a minimum flush volume of 6 litres. This allows an additional WC or an additional bathroom to be installed almost anywhere during renovation or alteration work. When installed below the backup level, the device also provides anti-flooding protection.

In addition, a shower, a washbasin and a bidet can be connected in the same room. The connection of additional facilities (e.g. washing machine or bath tube) is not allowed. To connect additional facilities we recommend the Hebefix plus. This allows, in contrast to WCfix plus connecting a bathtub and a washing machine.

The benefits of WCfix plus:

One for all applicationsWhere other manufacturers offer half a dozen device types, Jung Pumpen focuses on class instead of mass. 
Easy to installWhether invisible in a modern pre-wall installation or with direct connection to a floor-standing WC. 
Very quietDelivery is particularly quiet via the flow-optimised free-flow impeller in the system and not via a susceptible and noisy cutter. 
Powerful pump performanceMaximum delivery volume of 7.5 m³/h at a delivery height of 6 m. 
Free passageInjected solids go directly to the hydraulics and are conveyed out directly thanks to the large free passage (19 mm). 
Flexible connection optionsFour different inlet openings with which a shower, a wash hand basin, a bidet and a WC can be connected without any problems. 
Extremely suitable for everyday useDue to the free-flow impeller technology, no regular cleaning intervals are required. 
Reduced maintenance effortIn case of blockages, the pump can be easily removed from the housing by means of a bayonet catch. 
No unpleasant odoursThe tank ventilation with built-in activated carbon filter reduces disturbing influences. 
Integrated AlarmIntegrated runtime monitoring, which acoustically signals a malfunction in good time. 
Clever and SmartIf desired, the potential-free output can also be used for integration into a smart-home infrastructure. 
Great lookSophisticated design with easy-to-clean surfaces. 
Unpack and connectThe unit is ready to plug into a safety socket. 
All inclusiveAll materials required for installation are included in the scope of delivery of the WCfix plus. 

The connection of additional drainage objects (e.g. washing machine or bathtub) is not permitted. For the connection of additional drainage objects, we recommend the Hebefix plus. In contrast to the WCfix plus, this allows the connection of a bathtub and a washing machine.

Suitable for:

Explanatory video WCfix plus

Explanatory video WCfix plus