Hebefix 100 H

Floor-mounted tank

  • The new Hebefix 100 H is the first floor-mounted tanke made of plastic, which is resistant to wastewater temperatures up to 176 ° F (80° C) without any problems (used in combination with US 73 HES or US 103 HES hot water pumps).
  • For the disposal of waste water from commercial areas or in wash basements of apartment buildings. An optimal alternative to complex special containers.
  • Tank capacity approx. 75 Ltr.

The tank of Hebefix 100 H version is resistant to wastewater temperatures of up to 176 ° F (80° C). It is a free-standing plastic tank (approx. 75 l) with four combination inlets for pipes with an external diameter of 50 or 110 mm. The pressure pipe enclosed can be passed out of the tank on the left or right side as required (connection R 1½”).

Suitable for: