Floor-mounted tank

  • For the installation of a U 3 KS to pump the waste water to the nearest drain connection
  • Disposal of condensate from condensing boilers is possible
  • Tank capacity approx. 25 Ltr.

The Hebefix is a complete drainage pumping station in miniature. It consists of a plastic tank (approx. 25 l) that can be floor or wall mounted with an inlet sleeve for 40 mm PVC/HT tubing above and three additional inlets on the sides. The lower inlet sleeves on the sides are designed for 50 mm PVC/HT tubing. The U 3 KS cellar drainage pump intended for the Hebefix tank is connected to the prepared tube connection and automatically pumps the waste water entering the tank to the nearest drain pipe. It is thus possible to provide a drain for a wash basin in any desired position - even below the local backup level - without expensive masonry work and without excavating the floor. A washing machine, dishwasher and a floor-level shower can also be connected.

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