SKS-D 1000

The buoyancy proof and practicable plastic sump in high-grade polypropylene (PP) corresponds to EN 13598-2. It is suitable for use in areas with traffic load up to 40 tons. (DIN EN 124, group 4). The SKS 1000 can be placed on natural ground without concrete works. The modular design offers easy transport and installation.

In order to adjust the pumping stations to the required pumping conditions a wide range of drainage pumps is available. Both versions (single- and duplex units) have a spigot for inlet, two sockets with seal for ventilation/cable pipe, a facility for installing a flushing connection and a pressure outlet DN 50.

The standard installation depth without a cover is 2.27 m. The installation depth can be extended to 5.90 m by the use of sump extensions (installation depth in ground water not more than 5 m). The total volume is 1372 litres. The volume storage below the inlet is 396 litres. If extensions are used, one of the extensions must be ordered with a tie-bar.

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