Sewage pumping station

PKS-B 800-32

Poly-sump for submersible sewage pumps

The buoyancy proof sump is supplied as a complete prefabricated pump station for use in pressure drainage systems and as a sewage collection sump for use with gravity sewers. The sumps are equipped with one or two pumps. They are suitable for accessible areas (class A 15) or for traffic areas (class B 125).

Single unit: PKS-B 800-32   -   Duplex unit: PKS-B 800-D32

  • Mark of conformity
  • Suitable for traffic to class B 125
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Pantented security locking
  • Inlet designed for optimised flow
  • Smooth benched deposit free collection chamber
  • Coupling system with guide tube
  • Ball check valve with pump and pressure pipe is removable
  • Residual volume as of 36 litres