Sewage pumping station

PKS-D 1000 for MultiCut

Plastic pumping stations for sewage pumps, suitable for areas with motor vehicle traffic

Pumps for pressure drainage systems for urban areas or individual dwellings

  • Suitable for areas carrying motor vehicle traffic up to class D 400
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Sediment-free collection chamber
  • Buoyancy-proof and sealed against ground water
  • Height compensation for settling of ground

This buoyancy-proof sump can be used in installations that must withstand the weight of motor vehicle traffic (DIN EN 124 group 4), and can be combined with other modules to a make complete pumping station. It can be used together with pressure drainage systems or with gravity sewers as a sewage collection chamber. The PKSD 1000 can be placed on normal soil with no need for any concreting.