Sewage pumping station

PKS-D 1000 for MultiStream/MultiFree

Plastic pumping station for sewage pumps MultiStream/MultiFree,

suitable for areas with motor vehicle traffic, 

Pumps for pressure drainage systems for urban areas or individual dwellings

  • Suitable for areas carrying motor vehicle traffic up to class D 400
  • Corrosion-resistant (stainless/PE-HD)
  • Sediment-free collection chamber
  • Buoyancy-proof and sealed against ground water
  • Ready for installation

By combining the construction modules, the trafficable anti-buoyancy chamber is converted into a complete pumping station. It is used for property drainage applications in the industrial and municipal sectors. It is suitable for use in trafficked areas (German standard DIN EN 124 Group 4). The PKSD 1000 can be set on undisturbed ground without the need for concreting works.