Sewage Pumps

MultiCut 20/2 M plus

  • 10% less energy consumption than MultiCut 25/2 M
  • 20% less weight than MultiCut 25/2 M
  • Impeller and replaceable wear plate made from Grivory
    (fibreglass reinforced plastic)
  • Improved wear characteristics during cavitation
  • Performance curve identical with MultiCut 25/2 M
  • 1:1 interchangeable with MultiCut 25/2 M

For more than a quarter century the MultiCut submersible sewage pump has been a success with its razor sharp cutting system.
Installed in more than 150,000 pumping stations, it pumps domestic waste water into the public sewer. The external and adjustable cutting system prevents uncuttable solids from entering into the pump interior. MultiCut pumps thus guarantee maximum operational reliability with excellent drainage characteristics.

The MultiCut 20/2 M plus meets the requirements of today's market. Resource-conserving materials such as plastic instead of grey cast iron for the impeller and the wear plate, less energy consumption and a lower weight help to offer a variety of advantages.


Wet wipes don´t belong down the toilet

Wet wipes flushed down the drains are often the cause of a major blockage in pumping stations. Why it is so, shows this explanatory video.

Explanatory video

Explanatory video - Clogged pump stations due to wet wipes