Sewage Pumps


MultiFree-Pumps with vortex impeller

MultiFree-pumps are suitable for handling effluent or sewage in municipal and industrial pumping stations as well in surface water drainage applications. The smaller types are also used very successfully as portable units to deal with emergency situations.

The sewage pumps UAK are suitable for handling water without faeces. In hazardous locations or in case the pumps are connected to the public sewerage we recommend our explosionproof sewage pumps UFK.

MultiFree-Pumps are recommended for:

  • effluent which contains fibrous matter prone to matting
  • effluent which contains solids
  • abrasive effluent
  • effluent which contains trapped air or gas
  • surface water
  • mixed water
  • raw effluent
  • raw sludge
  • rainwater

The MultiFree Pumps are divided into different fields of performance:

discharge pass.
DN 6565 mm2-polig = 2900 min-126 m

95 m3/h

DN 6565 mm4-polig = 1450 min-114 m93 m3/h
DN 8080 mm2-polig = 2900 min-131 m85 m3/h
DN 8080 mm4-polig = 1450 min-120 m180 m3/h
DN 100100 mm2-polig = 2900 min-129 m95 m3/h
DN 100100 mm4-polig = 1450 min-118 m230 m3/h

Wet wipes don´t belong down the toilet

Wet wipes flushed down the drains are often the cause of a major blockage in pumping stations. Why it is so, shows this explanatory video.

Explanatory video

Explanatory video - Clogged pump stations due to wet wipes