Waste Water

Oxyperl Submersible Aerator

  • Power input 270 W / 560 W (oxyperl 3 / oxyperl 5)
  • Max air flow 8 m3/h / 16 m3/h (oxyperl 3 / oxyperl 5)
  • Discharge connection 1" / 1 1/4" female threads (oxyperl 3 / oxyperl 5)
  • Safe to run dry
  • Replaceable moisture sealed cable inlet
  • Optimized flow technology for gentle activated sludge treatment

The submersible aerators of the oxyperl range are especially powerful units for mixing and aeration of sewage in the activated sludge process. In modern small sewage treatment plants the SBR (sequenting batch reactor) with submerged aerators are state of the art.

The flow inducing components of the oxyperl submersible aerators have been specially designed for this process. The sensitive activated sludge is handled in a gentle manner with a low energy input and receive an optimum supply of oxygen by means of ultra fine air bubbles.

Oxylift pump

  • Power input 300 Watt
  • Free passage 15 mm
  • High starting torque
  • Discharge connection 1 ¼" female thread
  • Safe to run dry
  • Replaceable moisture sealed cable inlet
  • Available with and without level control

Many of the biological small sewage treatment plants on the market need a pump to transport the sewage. oxylift submersible pumps with their special
optimised hydraulics and housing shape were specifically developed to take care of this task. They are particularly suited for the transport of activated sludge mixtures in SBR treatment systems or for the pumping of mechanically pre-screened as well as treated domestic sewage.

The combination of pump impeller designed specifically to minimise the danger of blockage together with its large solids passage and tangentially located pump discharge branch ensure reliable operation.